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Friday, March 28, 2008

Anyhoo, Wednesday evening was spent in this building...

Because you're Worthing it.
Or rather standing outside it in the rain. Worthing's Pavilion Theatre seems to operate differently from every other theatre I've visited, in that they keep everyone queueing along the seafront (admiring the piles of wood on the beach) until a few seconds before the performance is due to start, then expect you all to recreate the Hillsborough disaster by running in at the last moment. We were still being rained on in a queue of a hundred people when the woman on the tannoy announced it was one minute to curtain up. The people behind us were convinced it was one of Derren Brown's mind games.

But we eventually made it inside, and may I say we were not disappointed. Well Lisa wasn't disappointed. Personally I thought it was a complete let-down. Not the show, but the theatre. It's basically a barn with some folding chairs. I've been to village halls with better facilities. The seats aren't tiered and the stage is low, meaning that even from row N, I struggled to see more than the odd glimpse of Derren. Which is frustrating when you're trying to spot any sleight of hand. Frankly someone could have handed him a banner with the name of my card on it, and I wouldn't have noticed.

But that aside, the show was very good. Particularly the bits with gorillas. Derren did some genuinely astounding magic, while Lisa did her usual trick of dropping to the floor and hiding under her seat every time a frisbee came within ten yards of her. Something tells me she didn't want to go up on stage. Personally I did go up on stage. Unfortunately it was during the interval and Derren was in his dressing room, but it was quite exciting nonetheless. I (and another 119 members of the audience) had to write a question on a card, seal it in an envelope, and leave it onstage for Derren to attempt to answer in the second half. Sadly I didn't get to hear my card read out. Unlike the man who simply wrote the word "cock". I knew it was a mistake to be polite.