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Saturday, March 08, 2008

Mmm... frozen hare legs.

Hare today, gone tomorrow. Unless it doesn't sell.
Nothing says Easter like a joint of rodent in your deep freeze. My local Lidl is so proud of this offer, they've put it in the window. But don't all rush at once - the March madness doesn't begin til the 10th, so you'll have to wait until Monday to start tearing your hare out.

Anyhoo, Lisa and I are off to Plaistow for the afternoon. I admit it's not everyone's idea of a day out, but Lisa's a big West Ham fan. Well ok, she's not. But we're going anyway. To be honest, I meant to book tickets for the west end, but I had the map upside down.

So we're off shortly, but before we go I've had a text message from Big Sis in Australia. She says:

"I am missing you... but found out one of my friends from college is the sister of the girl who was the Malta entry for Eurovision in 2002."

We're so alike. When I'm missing her, Maltesers always make me feel better too.