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Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'd like to introduce you to someone...

The image of his father.
This little chap (or chapess - it's too early to tell) is currently living inside Lisa. Yes, it's true, we're having a baby.

As of today, Lisa's 13 weeks pregnant, and may I say it's been killing me not to mention it on this blog. So in the absence of an official Baby page on my website (and don't think that's not in the pipeline), here's the pregnancy timeline:

December 25th: Lisa and I get engaged.
December 26th: We decide to give up the notion of contraception on the grounds that Lisa was born in the 1960s, and under those circumstances, medical science states that conception is likely to take the rest of this decade to achieve. We both agree that by that time, someone's bound to have offered me a job.
January 8th: Someone offers me a job... interview.
January 12th: I brush past Lisa on my way to the fridge.
January 24th: I get the job.
February 2nd: I take this photo...

It's a result.
So that's my life sorted. Fiancée, job and baby, all in the space of a month. I just need to buy a house now.

Anyhoo, the important date (apart from October 5th, which is when Junior's supposed to be putting in an appearance) was Wednesday of this week, when Lisa made her way up to London to meet Kypros Nicolaides at the Harris Birthright Research Centre for Foetal Medicine (they need to work on a snappier title), where she had a Nuchal Scan. It's a test for Downs Syndrome, designed for elderly mothers like Lisa.

Well, having kept all twenty of our fingers crossed on Wednesday morning (which made unpacking drugs difficult), the results were announced, and our baby was given the all-clear. It's officially alive, kicking (literally), and the spitting image of its father (bald with a big head). I can go out now and punch a police officer.