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Sunday, March 23, 2008

It's Easter! Lisa's given me an organic chocolate lamb from Marks & Spencer, I've given her a kiss from the bottom of my heart, but the prize for best Easter gift goes to Lorraine (she of the delinquent cats and love of boats). After more than fifty hours of induction (which is pretty much what I've had this week), she received a 7lb baby girl last night. I think it's the second coming. Lorraine's a big Star Wars fan, so had it been a boy, she was planning to name it Harrison after Harrison Ford. As it's a girl, she's now considering Leia after Princess Leia. I suppose we should be grateful she hasn't plumped for Chewbacca.

But while we're waiting for confirmation that we can go and visit (we don't really have an excuse - the maternity ward's about 200 yards from my flat), I've spent the afternoon discovering the true meaning of Easter by decorating some eggs.

Green Eggs and HamThat egg's got my name on it.
I was planning to do my tribute to Dr Seuss with some green eggs and ham, but having soaked an egg in food colouring, I realised I'd eaten all the ham in the fridge. So I made a pink one instead. It's supposed to look like a pig. As for the one on the right, I wrote my name with an old birthday candle, then soaked it in E133. Not only is it easily identified as my property, but it can also cause hyperactivity in children.

And then there's this one...

It's meant to be Lisa, but I'm not sure I've captured her best side.