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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I learnt three things yesterday (two of them by phone, so obviously no one reads my blog). The most important thing is that when a bottle of dark brown hair dye says it'll easily wash out of your towels, it ain't necessarily so. Having allowed Lisa to turn my bathroom into a hair salon on Monday, I confidently threw everything into the washing machine yesterday and relaxed, safe in the knowledge that any dark splodges would soon be gone. Suffice it to say the results weren't quite up to the manufacturer's claims. My white cotton floor mat now permanently resembles a dalmatian skin rug. I've got a friend coming round in an hour and I look like Cruella de Vil.

The second bit of news was a text message from Lorraine (which I eventually managed to read) to say that her baby's being induced next Thursday, due to her being diabetic and it being Easter. So I think it's something to do with chocolate.

And finally, thanks to a phone call at 4:15pm, I can now reveal that I'm finally starting work on Monday. Kind of. Apparently I have to undergo three 'Trust Induction Days', which is presumably to induce a bit of trust in the HR department after all that's happened. But once I've been fully induced, I can start work properly on Thursday. So my first job will be to deliver the epidural drugs to Lorraine.

Anyhoo, here's a seagull's eye view of the area...

Who would live in a place like this?
The white boxy thing in the bottom left hand corner (and I don't mean the van) is my flat. The big white building at the top is the hospital. It couldn't be more convenient.

Unfortunately they want me to start work in the pharmacy stores at the old Brighton General. It's a twenty minute walk up a hill.