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Saturday, April 05, 2008

I knew it was a mistake to say my cat's fine now. She threw up again in the night. Frankly she's had more morning sickness than Lisa.

But despite wading through vomit on a daily basis, Lisa and I did make it to Dave Gorman's book launch last night. Mind you, I had a slight panic when I got home at 5:45pm, dug out the tickets, and saw this...

Fortunately it turned out to be a misprint. The time I mean, not the ridiculous booking fee.

So having eaten a ham sandwich in thirty seconds flat, I rang Lisa's Mum at 6pm to warn Lisa that I was on my way, and ended up having a nice chat with my Dad. I wondered for a few moments what he was doing answering the phone at Lisa's Mum's, before realising I'd pressed the wrong speed-dial button, and hanging up. But I'm sure he was pleased to hear from me.

Despite the wrong number, Lisa and I made it over to Hove and through the doors of The Old Market at 6:28pm. Which is more than I can say for Dave Gorman. He was apparently stuck in traffic and didn't get there until 6:45.

America UnchainedHe was worth waiting for though. I have to say, I wish I was Dave Gorman. He has the ability to stand up in front of a hall full of people and talk confidently, interestingly and amusingly, all apparently off the top of his head, for as long as you want him to, without once coming across as arrogant or full of himself. Frankly I think Lisa was in love with him by the end. To be honest, so was I.

I have to come clean here and admit that I was very slightly disappointed with the documentary which was screened on More 4 in February, but in person, Dave Gorman is infinitely more entertaining. And judging by the stories he told, a lot of the highlights of his adventure weren't captured on film. I particularly liked his tales of Eminem lookalikes with guns, and the woman who launched a campaign to boycott Wal-Mart purely because they sold the DVD of Brokeback Mountain. Then there was his line about all McDonalds food being foul, apart from the chicken. (I'm not sure that joke really works in print).

Anyhoo, today is of course the Grand National, and despite discovering yesterday afternoon that access to the Racing Post website is blocked at work (I hope I haven't been flagged up on the system for trying), nothing's going to stop me from tipping the winner, so here we go...

King Johns Castle1st. King Johns Castle at 20-1

D'Argent2nd. D'Argent at 25-1

Chelsea Harbour3rd. Chelsea Harbour at 16-1

Simon4th. Simon at 12-1

Bewley's Berry will look fantastic all the way around, then fade away at the end, while the hot favourite Cloudy Lane will fall at the first. No, really. I'm off to put my money where my mouth is...