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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Cong Ratu Lati OnsI've had a Congratulations-on-the-New-Job card from Lorraine! She apparently bought one for me a few weeks ago, wrote it, lost it, and had to buy a new one. Unfortunately, before she could write that one, she was forced to abandon her post and go into hospital to give birth. But the good news is that she's now emerged from the maternity ward with her new Star Wars themed baby, Leia (Lorraine's little princess), and having prioritised her workload, she's managed to find enough time to write me a card. Although by the time she came to send it, she'd lost the envelope. Anyone would think she had a lot on her mind at the moment.

Anyhoo, not only is the card lovely, and signed by Lorraine, her fiancé, her daughter and all three of her cats (at least four of whom can't write), it also says this...

Left holding the baby.
... thereby making it the first correspondence I've had from a topless woman since I sent off for Sam Fox's autograph.

As for my own unborn progeny (or should that be prodigy?), Lisa's received an appointment today for her first proper scan (as opposed to last week's nuchal scan for the elderly), and the date they've given us is...

May 29th. Which is our four-year anniversay. The new scriptwriter's working overtime at the moment.