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Friday, September 26, 2008

Brighton Live started on Wednesday (and finishes tomorrow), so the city's currently chock-a-block with musical talent performing gigs entirely for free. Which explains why I haven't blogged since Tuesday. I've been too busy sitting at home wishing I had the energy to go out.

During last year's event, Lisa and I saw both Chris Difford and Floors & Walls, and this year the four days of concerts feature my beloved Ben Poole (who's now quoting me twice on his MySpace site), and not one, but two (count them) gigs from Floors & Walls. Unfortunately I haven't made it to any of them. For the last two days I've been as tired as a pregnant anaemic sloth who's been up all night with backache. Actually, that reminds me of someone...

To be honest, it's not too late to hit the Floors tonight - they take to the stage a mile from my flat at 7:30pm - but I actually have somewhere far more important to go this evening. I'm off to Toys R Us to buy a panda.

According to Rachel Waddilove, our personal childcare advisor, no nursery should be without a monochrome bear. Well, what she actually says is this:

Panda to my daughter.
So it's pandas all the way in our house. Or zebras. Or possibly I'll just give her a newspaper to read.