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Sunday, September 28, 2008

This is currently taking place about a hundred yards from my flat...

Party on dude.
That's Kemp Town village, before you ask. And the less said about that apostrophe, the better.

Lisa's currently housebound, due to a combination of heavy pregnancy and the fact that she hasn't washed her hair today, so I was forced to party-on down alone this afternoon. It was very good though. I particularly liked the people twanging longbows while a woman kicked a rastafarian in the face...

Kick me baby, one more time.
Fortunately there was a first aid tent nearby. It was directly opposite the burlesque woman taking her clothes off on stage to the tune of 'I Will Survive'. Sadly I don't have a photo of that.

But I did get a few shots of these people...

No chemistry.
I admire anyone who goes out dressed as a giant speaker.

Anyhoo, guess who that is. Go on, guess. Yes, you're right, it's Astrophysics! Or to put it another way, 8 peice band, Atsro Physics! Two of them had obviously gone to the bar. Unless that's another typo. Spookily enough, they were due to be followed by Mean Poppa Lean (they obviously go everywhere together), but I left before they took to the stage. I wasn't sure I could cope with anything too hi octace.

It was all quite enjoyable anyway, although the most entertaining thing I saw this afternoon was this...

Invasion of the Body Fatters
Somebody call the diet police.