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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Take it from me, you haven't really experienced the true horror of hell until you've spent an afternoon in a traffic jam in Haywards Heath, driving a pharmacy van with the radio stuck on Southern FM. Thank God Nicky Keig-Shevlin's retired, or I might not have made it.

I was expecting a normal afternoon at work, but oh no. I'd barely finished my first chocolate brownie of the day when I was asked to personally save the lives of numerous patients by driving to Haywards Heath, picking up six boxes of intravenous fluids from the Princess Royal Hospital, and delivering them urgently to the Royal Sussex in Brighton. Naturally I said yes. On condition that I could take another brownie.

Anyway, I'm not saying it didn't go according to plan, but to be honest, having been stuck in traffic for half an hour due to roadworks, I could have done without the news that the lift to the Princess Royal pharmacy department is currently out of order, and I'd have to take eleven boxes down the stairs. I eventually got back to work five minutes after I should have left. But still, it was all worth it. Or it would have been, had I not turned up at the Royal Sussex (where I couldn't park due to a laundry truck blocking the service road), only to be told that the Princess Royal had given me the wrong stuff, and my journey had essentially been pointless. You have to laugh.

But in other news, word has reached me from Australia that Big Sis has moved on from bears, snakes, kangaroos and aliens, and is now trying to stroke one of these...

Lone Shark
Apparently she swept up the coast to Broome at the weekend (which she describes as "a bit like Darwin but with water you can swim in"), and having waded out to sea, immediately found herself face-to-face with a shark. According to the lifeguard who dragged her out of the water with most of her limbs still intact, they rarely get shark sightings in those parts. I think the bears must have told it where to find her.

Anyhoo, it's hard to imagine what it must have been like to go for a quiet swim in the sea, only to find yourself staring into the ice cold eyes and gleaming white teeth of a man-eater. But I expect the shark got over it.