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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Amelie was still asleep when I went to work this morning...

Wake me up before you go-go.
I'm not sure what time she got up, but I think it was about half nine.

As for me, I received the news today that I have to undergo a 'Performance and Development Review' with my line manager sometime in November. It might be the fifth, but I can't remember. I've been given a form to fill in before the big day, which features probing questions like this one:

"Considering my own levels of motivation and ambition, how do I see my development in the longer term?"

To be honest I can't be bothered to write much about motivation, but I'll probably put something about moving on from flapjacks to pastries. That's if I get that far. The very first question is:

"What have I done particularly well in the appraisal period, which I would like to see reflected in my review?"

So I might just write "Everything" and hand it back in.


Phil said...

I think I'd put: you are paid to manage, so what do you think?30 October 2008, 07:37:13 – Flag – Like – Reply – Delete – Edit – Moderate

 Phil's Mum I agree. It sounds as if they're expecting you to do their work for them and appraise yourself.

30 October 2008, 09:06:37– Like – Reply 'old' friend 
Welcome to the NHS Phil. Who needs managers when you have staff?! Yes, you have to tell your manager how wonderful you think you are and then wait and see if they share your opinion. Wonderful fun...not! I hope you filled in your Staff Survey honestly, or does that delight still await you?30 October 2008, 13:18:28– Like – Reply Dave 
'I'm not paid enough to think' is another good line you might care to try.30 October 2008, 16:45:25– Like – Reply