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Saturday, October 25, 2008

It's Amelie doing her starfish impression!

She looks like a crane fly splatted on a windscreen.If you're wondering why Lisa looks so happy, it's because one of my work colleagues said on Thursday that he thinks she looks younger than me. She hasn't stopped smiling since.

Anyhoo, this photo was taken yesterday evening when we decided to embark on a family outing to the Co-op for some milk. We were out for about ten minutes, which would be fine if it hadn't taken us twenty minutes to get ready. I hope we never have to evacuate the flat in an emergency - they'd find us amongst the charred remains, still trying to put on Amelie's coat.

Today, however, we have far more ambitious travel plans on the agenda. My Mum spent the day in hospital on Thursday, having the insides of one leg pulled out and hacked to pieces with a stanley knife, all in the name of medical science. She had the other leg done last year, so the surgeon was continuing in the same vein.

Amelie sent her flowers yesterday, but Lisa and I want to do more. So in a last-minute decision of the madcap variety, we've opted to drive along the coast to St Leonards this afternoon, where my parents have just taken possession of a retirement bungalow. It is a truth universally acknowledged that Lisa's a dab-hand with a roller, so we've offered to go over and do some painting. In reality, we'll be dropping off Amelie and heading into town, but they don't have internet access at the new house, so my parents will never know.


Phil said...

Dave Lisa does look exceedingly young in that picture. All the lying around must agree with her.

25 October 2008, 16:22:49Phil's Mum
Amelie looks like a Telly Tubby in that photo - "Big hug!"26 October 2008, 21:43:04'old' friend from Bexhill
Are your parents going to share the news of their move with anyone else, e.g the address (yes, I know the road but a number could be useful bearing in mind the momentous occasion that will be occurring towards the end of next month)?27 October 2008, 12:47:08