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Monday, October 13, 2008

I've typed most of this post one-handed with a crying baby in my arms. Just be grateful this isn't an audioblog. But anyhoo...

It's The Deal Was For The Diamond!

The Deal Was For The Diamond
Or possibly thedealwasforthediamond. I've been following them for a year and I still don't know how to write their name. I do know where it comes from though. 'Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom' was on TV the other week, and Indy says it in the opening scene. You might think that's an odd place to look for musical inspiration, but I have it on good authority that The Rolling Stones were named after the opening scene of 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'.

Anyhoo, I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Phil, your devotion to the Brighton music scene is commendable, but please tell me you haven't just used your paternity leave to go to your second gig in a week". Well it's ok, I haven't. I've used my annual leave. I'm not yet entitled to paternity leave because I impregnated Lisa before I started dealing drugs. I'll have to wait for our second child before I can attend concerts at the taxpayer's expense.

Yesterday, however, saw the arrival of Brightona 2008, a massive motorcycle rally down at Madeira Drive. Obviously I'm not the biggest bike fan in the world, but I do own a Yamaha guitar, so I felt that entitled me to attend. And I happened to know that the free entertainment included a performance by everyone's favourite guitar-based instrumental rock quartet, TDWFTD.

Which is where the power of the internet came into play. Officially the live music was taking place all day, but the band's MySpace page told me they were on stage at 4pm, so rather than spend the whole afternoon away from my daughter, I put Amelie in her dog Moses basket at three-fifty, headed straight down to Concorde 2 (which is the only one still in service), watched the real Deal until 4:25, and was back home ten minutes later. Amelie barely had time to stop crying.

TDWFTD have undergone a few changes since I saw them in February. They've got a new drummer for a start (the old one's busy touring America with The Crave) but the biggest difference is that Adam Cawdery's cut off all his hair. Apparently we've seen the last of the Mohicans.

Anyway, they might have been on stage for less than half an hour, but I still think they're phenomenally good, and one of the finest bands in Brighton. I just regret missing this advert in August. Never mind sneaking off to see them, I could be leaving my daughter to go on tour.

Mind you, it's hard to leave something this cute...

Little White Riding Hood
I think she's wondering where her hand's gone.