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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Six days on, and we're all still smiling...

All dressed up with somewhere to go.
Obviously you can't see if Amelie's smiling past her woolly sheep outfit, but trust me, she is. In fact I can prove it...

Sheep or Chef?The three of us had our first trip out as a family yesterday. Amelie had received a home visit from a maternity support worker in the morning and been subjected to the Heel Prick Test for phenylketonuria and congenital hypothyroidism. We're hoping the results are negative just so that we don't have to learn to pronounce them. As a consequence, she had a plaster on her heel and a slightly sore foot, so we ruled out walking and decided to take her out in the car.

Obviously there are a number of possible destinations for your baby's first outing - the beach, the park, Disneyworld - but in the end we plumped for somewhere far more interesting: the pharmacy stores at Brighton General. I thought we'd be more likely to get cake.

Needless to say, my work colleagues were completely enamoured with her (unless they were just being polite), in fact we were lucky to get her back. On the downside, work ground to a complete halt for half an hour, so if you're going into hospital today and you don't get your drugs, it's all Amelie's fault.

In other news, both mother and baby have now been weighed, and both are shedding the pounds like it's going out of fashion. Amelie's now 8lb 1oz, while Lisa's lost half a stone in six days. Which just goes to show the benefit of hospital food. If you're wondering where those pounds have gone, then look no further than my waist. I've been living on gifts of chocolate for the last five days, and the results are starting to show.

But I managed to find the energy to lift the phone this morning and make an appointment to register the birth at Brighton town hall. We're not going until Thursday the 16th, so we've got another week to get bored with Amelie and decide to call her Jordan.