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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

It's the Manic Street Preachers at the Brighton Dome!

Manic Depression
I know what you're thinking. You're thinking "Blimey Phil, call yourself a medical photographer?". Well firstly, no I don't. And secondly, you should see the other forty-five I took. Trust me, blurry and dark with one of the band facing the wrong way is a comparitive triumph. Most of the time I couldn't tell if I was looking at the Manic Street Preachers or the Three Degrees. I blame the lighting. Either it was supposed to be moody, or the power to the spotlights had failed.

But despite sitting in the third row of the circle for two hours looking at three silhouettes in the dark, we actually had a good time last night. I was particularly pleased because shortly before leaving for the Dome, I checked the Manics' latest album sleeve, and discovered that the chorus which I've been singing along to for the past fortnight isn't in fact "Only got Ken Bruce". It's actually "Only God can bruise". I was convinced it was about Radio 2.

So having sung along with complete confidence, Lisa and I eventually got home at 11:30pm last night, woke up the babysitter, and got to bed after midnight. It might not have been the best preparation for my third day at work, but having spent the afternoon administering eye drops, carrying out sight tests, and taking photos of patients (who says you can't practice on members of the public?), I don't think it's stopped me working.

I've also received my schedule for the next six weeks, which contains the revelation of terror that I'll be performing my first entirely solo clinic on July 13th. Which is unlucky for some. Mainly the patients I'll be seeing. It's a sigh of relief for Lisa's Mum though. She's booked in for the end of June, and I'll still be supervised at that point. She's promised not to embarrass me in front of my manager on condition that I keep quiet about the number of Kit-Kats she eats.

Anyhoo, I've got to be in Lewes with a bag of tropicamide and a long list of patients at 8:45 tomorrow morning. I'll be back in Brighton for the afternoon, then out to Mile Oak first thing on Friday. I knew I'd regret telling them that I like to keep busy.