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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

It's a well known fact that a week is a long time in retinal screening. Last Tuesday evening I was sitting here feeling tense about administering eye drops, nervous of taking patient histories, and wondering how anyone can operate the screening camera without a degree in electrical engineering. A week later, and with upwards of fifty patients under my belt (which explains the muffin top over my trousers), I was actually disappointed that I didn't have a clinic scheduled for today.

But fortunately I don't let a trivial thing like my official timetable stop me from having fun. So despite this afternoon being a designated study period back at base, my supervisor agreed to let me go and bother the screener at the local hospital for an hour. Well, I say an hour. And so did she. I was actually there for two and a half. Frankly I'd taken over the clinic by the time the third patient walked through the doors. I even counselled a patient who'd just moved into a new flat with a no-pets policy and been forced to give up his cats. Frankly a working knowledge of cat care seems to be more important than understanding diabetes in this line of work.

As for tomorrow, I have my first all-day clinic, and a list of twenty-nine patients to see. And here's where I'll be seeing them...

We used to supply that clinic from the pharmacy stores, and due to a problem distinguishing an 'a' from an 'o' on their pharmacy bag, my colleague and I called it The Pork Centre. I think they deal with swine flu. Anyhoo, I've been told I won't be able to park within five minutes walk of the place, which is clearly rubbish. I just need to get there at the same time as that photographer.