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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Lisa prepared a home-made organic chicken and vegetable casserole last night. My mouth started watering immediately...

Meat & Two Veg
... and stopped the moment she served it straight from the casserole dish and into the blender. I'm sure Amelie's eating better than I am. I wouldn't mind, but she can't even keep the stuff in her mouth...

Stains Massive
That's the current state of the living room floor after three applications of carpet shampoo. The orange splodges are carrot and sweet potato, the brown cloud is a cold cup of coffee (not belonging to Amelie, but entirely her responsibility), and as for the vague yellow patch on the left, I don't like to ask. But the girl's thrown up a lot more than just questions in the past few days. The irony is that we're buying organic to spare her from chemicals, yet she's spending most of her time crawling in carpet cleaner.

As it happens, I've gone from one extreme to the other today. Having cleared up after a baby this morning, I drove over to Lewes and treated a patient in her nineties. Frankly she was more spry than I was. If she carries on like that, she'll be getting her annual screening appointment with a telegram from the Queen.