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Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's my first Father's Day!

For My Daddy. Although Mummy ate some too.
That photo was taken a few hours ago, so needless to say the chocolates are long gone now. But I'll always have the rolls of fat to remind me how nice they were.

Fortunately I've brought Amelie up to be like her Daddy, so she's generous to a fault (and loves her food). In addition to the chocolates, she presented me with a Gary Go CD this morning, plus the 30th anniversary edition of Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds. But more special than either of those was Amelie's very first drawing...

Art for art's sake.
You might be tempted to think that Lisa helped her with that, but trust me, I've seen Lisa's attempts at art, and she's not capable of anything that good. It's clearly a picture of Daddy sliding down a hill with his arms and legs in the air. The girl's a prodigy.

To celebrate Father's Day, the council organised an event at the library yesterday entitled 'Men Behaving Dadly'. Frankly it's puns like that which make paying your council tax worthwhile. It featured the chance to meet Sid from CBeebies, which would have been quite exciting if we'd ever heard of him. Unfortunately Am and I arrived there after he'd left, so we headed off to Sainsburys instead to buy Lisa some sausages. It seemed like the Dadly thing to do.

As for today, well Amelie and I have spent some quality time together fitting a gate to the kitchen so that she can't eat Chloe's biscuits. It's had an immediate effect. Lisa's already tripped over it three times. I'll come home from work tomorrow and find her unconscious on the floor, Chloe wedged in the bars, and Amelie with a mouth full of cat food.