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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Fired UpI might spend my working days with diabetics, but it turns out they're not the only ones with Sugar in their blood. I received word from Big Sis this afternoon that she's made it through the first stage of Sir Alan's selection process, and landed herself an interview for The Apprentice next week. By late September, Nick Hewer could be rolling his eyes at my sister.

Unfortunately, back here in the real world, she has work-related meetings scheduled for that day, and might not be able to make it. So on the downside, she risks being fired if she attends, but on the plus side, it'll be good practice for week one of the TV show.

As for my own apprenticeship, I've spent the day in the heat of Crawley Hospital, wondering where all the patients are. Of the fourteen diabetics we had booked in for this morning, only five turned up. And it wasn't much better this afternoon. Either people don't like to attend medical appointments when the weather's nice, or there was a one-day sale on insulin down at the local chemist.