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Monday, July 20, 2009

Poster ChildWell the good news is that Amelie's over her 24-hour bug. And we didn't even need to crack open the Tamiflu. Let's face it, the way she shoves Lisa's roll-on deodorant into her mouth on a daily basis, it's a miracle she's not sick more often.

But the bad news is that Lisa's now got it. Having spent the morning with patients at Preston Road, I came home at lunchtime to find Lisa in bed, waiting for a callback from NHS Direct. Fortunately I was still here when they phoned, so I got to hear a trained doctor asking her if she had swine flu. That was a moment to cherish.

Anyhoo, I think she's improved during the afternoon. She's currently in the kitchen eating Tiger Rolls with butter and blackcurrant jam, so the self-imposed fasting seems to be over. Personally I think I cured her with the cheering news that Amelie's about to single-handedly save countless lives across Sussex. No, really.

Whilst staring at some pictures of retinas this afternoon, I had a visit from the hospital's senior graphic designer, who asked me if Amelie's free for a photo shoot on August 5th. Apparently they can't think of a more suitable baby to appear on posters up and down the county for the next two years. Or maybe everyone else said no. Either way, she's just two weeks and a couple of photos away from being the new face of infection control. So she'd better not be ill that day.