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Friday, July 31, 2009

Well the big news of the day is that Amelie has successfully completed her first modelling assignment. Her photo shoot for the hospital's germ warfare campaign was due to take place next week, but at the last moment it was moved to this morning. Either they couldn't wait to see her, or they were worried that if they delayed it any longer, she'd have contracted swine flu and been too ill to smile.

I wasn't there to witness the event myself, but Lisa went along to make sure the photographer didn't pressure Amelie into any glamour shots against her will. Fortunately she kept her top on throughout. And managed not to throw up over it. Apparently there was one dodgy moment when Amelie almost fell off the hospital bed, but let's face it, what better time to have a serious accident than when you're posing as a patient in a hospital. She was clearly going for a touch of realism.

On the downside, Lisa declined the opportunity to appear in the photos herself, so the photographer was forced to provide a stunt-Mum to hold Amelie. Apparently she was very pretty, so she sounds like a convincing substitute. I'll be badgering the graphic design department for the photos first thing Monday morning.

As for me, well I've spent the day in the wilds of Sussex at the Hassocks Health Centre. I've not been there before, and I won't be going there again for another twelve months. We're like a travelling funfair - we roll into town for two weeks in July, and then disappear before we get sued for all the accidents. I have to say, I loved Hassocks. It's like a little oasis of charity shops in the middle of the rolling countryside. I spent my lunch break mingling with well-to-do horsey folk and rummaging through second-hand clothes.

I also bought this original oil painting for £9...

No oil painting.
I got it in the Help the Aged shop, so I presume the artist's old. The signature says R Haberstein (or possibly Haderstein), which means nothing to me, but it measures 26" x 22", so even as firewood I got value for money.

In other news, I suffered a relapse of my mystery illness yesterday, and spent the day feeling sick, headachey, and generally rough. I don't know if it's swine flu, a pig of an infection, or just the undercooked bacon in my birthday meal, but I've been hamming it up in an attempt to get sympathy. And as luck would have it, I'm going out this evening for a night on the town with my old pharmacy colleagues. When you're feeling less than a hundred percent, who better to meet down the pub than people with access to drugs.


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