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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whilst in town this afternoon, I bumped into a porter I used to know when I worked at Brighton General. I'm not saying NHS salaries are low, but I met him in the 99p shop. We were both on our way to Aldi. Anyhoo, having asked how I am and how the new job's going, his next words were "I think you left at the right time". He went on to tell me that within weeks of waving goodbye to the pharmacy stores, they discovered that the place was riddled with asbestos. As we speak, teams of specialists with protective masks are dismantling the building bit by bit while the pharmacy invoicing team try to work under polythene sheets. But still, what better place to find life-threatening asbestos particles than the ceiling above a shelf of cancer drugs? You've got to look on the bright side.

And talking of laughing at life, this was Amelie this evening, watching Lisa jogging on the spot...

She's right - the idea of Lisa exercising is laughable.