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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

The Argus reported yesterday that Brighton & Hove City Council are pushing ahead with plans to introduce residents-only parking in Preston Park Avenue. That might sound like the kind of news to have you instantly turning the page, but as it happens, it makes quite a difference to me. I personally put the park into Preston Park Avenue every time I do a clinic at the nearby Medical Centre. Which means that from September I'll have to go off-road and start battling for one of the two (yes, two) (count them) staff parking spaces which have generously been allocated to people working on the ground floor. My only hope is if all the doctors get swine flu.

Coincidentally I was doing an all-day clinic there today, so with the prospect of parking being taken away from me within weeks, I decided to try walking the five mile round trip. To be honest, it would have been easier without a box of eye drops, a computer drive and a tub of alcohol wipes, but I made it on time with only a slight calf strain and a sweat-drenched shirt. It was more humid out there than it looked.

On the plus side, my route along London Road took me within touching distance of another world...

One small step for an alcoholic.
I like the look of Planet Booze. The alcohol disc cleaning sounds particularly good. After all, nothing cleans a CD like a drop of methylated spirits. But what really interests me is the confectionery trade-in. I can finally get rid of the blackcurrant Opal Fruits that Lisa always leaves in the bottom of the bag.