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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I'd recognise that toothy grin anywhere...

Poster Child
And I know the baby on the bed too. We dressed her to look like the bottle of hand gel on the wall.

Anyhoo, as the picture above demonstrates, my threats of violence against the hospital's senior graphic designer have proved successful, and she's agreed to submit two photos of Amelie to the communications team for their upcoming poster campaign. The fact that you can't see the 'C' of 'Clean' against the hair of the stunt-mum is apparently a problem, and the 'Y' of 'You' looks like a fag hanging out of her mouth, but we're hoping they'll ignore all of that and focus on Amelie's smile. I've never seen anyone so happy to be in hospital.

If that one's no good, they'll be going with this...

You'll definitely need to clean your hands AFTER treating her. She's usually filthy.
Which is lovely if you're related to the person on the left. As I said this time last week, it's a nice enough shot, but it's never going to rival the Tennis Girl.

Anyhoo, as the text in the bottom left corner proves, those aren't final versions of the posters, so anything can still change. I'm told the majority will be A3 in size, but a select two or three are to be blown up (not literally) to larger than life proportions for display in prominent places. So my next job is to lean on the Comms Team. I won't rest until Amelie's the size of Godzilla and stopping traffic in Eastern Road.