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Monday, August 17, 2009

I've spent today at Crawley Hospital. I had to get there particularly early this morning, because two months after first requesting a permit for the staff car park, the powers-that-be finally agreed to take my photo and give me an ID card. I had an appointment at the Estates Office at 9am, so at eight-thirty I started asking people where it was. Six members of staff and one phone call later, I eventually found the place. Frankly if the hospital want to store Tamiflu securely, they should stick it in the Estates department. By the time any panic-ridden thieves manage to locate it, they'll have died of swine flu.

But the good news is that I'm now in possession of a West Sussex Primary Care Trust ID card, which frankly looks better than my Brighton one. I should move to Crawley just so I can use it more often. Especially as it's such a multicultural place. I walked past these fine establishments at lunchtime...

American Nail Polish Food
They could open a shop in the middle selling nail polish, and they wouldn't even need a new sign.

Anyhoo, I may have had an early start this morning (just ask the bags under Lisa's eyes), but the day couldn't have ended better. My last patient cancelled, the penultimate one arrived half an hour early, and the one before that didn't need any eye drops. Frankly I've never got away so early. If every day was like that, I could get a second job and buy Amelie a pony.

I returned home to find Lisa and Amelie out, and this desperately scrawled note lying on the coffee table...

Frankly if she's going to keep stealing my work pens, she's got to expect me to hide her Nintendo DS games. We all have things we can't live without.