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Sunday, August 16, 2009

It's me, Lisa and Amelie at the dog track!

Gone...... to the...
I'm not sure how Am's identical twin got into my arms, but I don't like her manners. I think she's seen too many panting dogs.

... dogs.Anyhoo, I told Amelie that I'd buy her a puppy one day, so we headed over to Hove Greyhound Stadium this morning to put a down payment on a couple of favourites. The last time we were there, I came home with £158.50. This time I made slightly less. About a hundred and sixty quid less. Even the 20p I invested in the chocolate vending machine only returned five Minstrels.

But despite losing more money than a high street bank, a good time was had by all. Lisa's Mum spent a few hours risking half her pension on dogs picked by Amelie, while Lisa and I attempted to play cupid by persuading an old friend to go on a date with one of these people. I'm not sure either was hugely successful.

But personally I'm still trying to get over the moment when Lisa's Mum looked up from her race card, studied Amelie for a few seconds, and then said "She looks like Hitler with that haircut". I wouldn't mind, but she's the second person to say it in twenty-four hours.