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Thursday, August 06, 2009

I had to go to Horsham today to do an all-day clinic at short notice, after one of my colleagues went sick. Possibly at the thought of going to Horsham. Personally I didn't mind. I love Horsham. It's like Crawley for rich people. And sure enough, I've met a number of interesting folk today.

First there was the 94-year-old lady with 20-20 vision who told me she walks a mile every day, and has just moved to Sussex from Cheshire to be nearer her son... who's a pensioner and needs her support. Then there was the man who lost an eye in the Second World War when a doodlebug blew out his Mum's kitchen windows. And finally there was the septuagenarian whose parting words to me were "It makes such a difference to see someone nice". I agreed, and said I hope it happens for her one day.

But top of the list was my 2 o'clock appointment, who turned out to be a BAFTA nominated actor who's starred in Hollywood films alongside the likes of Anthony Hopkins, Hugh Grant and Daniel Day-Lewis. He's also appeared on TV with Christopher Biggins, but he probably doesn't mention that much. I must admit, despite the fact that he was in one of my favourite ever films and one of my favourite ever sitcoms, and I was looking into the man's eyes for a good ten minutes, I still couldn't place his face until the next patient walked in and said "Do you know who that was?!!". I told him I couldn't say due to patient confidentiality. So he told me instead.

But major celebrities aside, the highlight of my trip to Horsham was the sterling work being done by the hospital's sign writers...

Do you really need the word 'national' in front of the word 'pandemic'?
I like the way they have one sign to direct you to another. That's not an antiviral collection point on the left, but if you move two inches to the right, you're there.