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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fantastic news from today's All-Staff Info-Mail...

Tucker's Luck
Never mind the free lunch, it's a board game about catheter infections! Sometimes the best ideas are the most obvious. I can't believe no one's thought of that before. Personally I'm still working on my quiz about the layers of the eye, which I'm calling Uveal Pursuit, but there's probably no point now that Paula's beaten me to the prize. I suppose it was bound to happen though. When you work with catheters on a daily basis, you have to be good at taking the piss.

The real tragedy though is that I didn't get to enjoy the free lunch. The Pebbles Restaurant (so called because you put on a few stones if you eat there) is next to the Royal Alexandra Children's Hospital (so it'll be plastered with posters of Amelie in a month's time), which in turn is just over the road from the Diabetes Centre, where I was sitting in on meetings with the dietician all morning. So I was perfectly placed to dash across the pelican crossing for an all-you-can-eat binge-fest the moment I'd finished listening to patients getting advice on healthy diets.

Unfortunately fate stepped in shortly before midday, in the form of a broken computer in Haywards Heath. Someone had to drive up there at short notice to collect our sick PC from the health centre and take it into hospital. And as the only person with a car (and a home) within walking distance of the Royal Sussex, that person had to be me. To be honest, I think that's the other reason they hired me.