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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Two weeks ago today, Lisa, Amelie and I drove across town to stroke a few dogs. Well as it turns out, they followed us home...

It's a new charity shop dedicated to that deeply deprived and often neglected social group, greyhounds! They're putting the dog back into do-gooders. I think it's based on the principle that Pudsey Bear doesn't do enough for canines. Possibly because he lost his eye after being savaged by a pitbull. Every purchase helps the loser of a race at Hove dog track. And if you spend fifty pounds or more, you get a signed photo of Ballyregan Bob.

Personally I'm all in favour. Frankly if a charity shop wants to open just around the corner from my flat, I don't care if it's raising money to help millionaire bankers through the credit crunch, I'll still buy my clothes there. And it fits right in. It's next door to Barber Blacksheep, the local hairdressers, so not only do we have a parade of fantastically named shops, but we've got a ready made sheepdog theme. And the hanging baskets either side are like a 'before' and 'after' advert for Miracle-Gro.

But that's not the only change to the neighbourhood since we went on holiday a week ago. A depressed graffiti artist painted this statement in blue (appropriately enough) on a nearby wall about a month ago...

Any Dream Will Do
And now he's finally had a reply...

Oscar Wilde, eat your heart out.