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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Big Sis is back! Hurrah!

Just the Ticket
If you're wondering what she's holding in her hand, it's a pre-paid Brighton bus ticket. The open-mouthed expression is because she still couldn't believe we expected her to use public transport.

As for me, I'm putting a brave face on a bad headache. I saw a grand total of twenty-eight patients yesterday, and I think one of them gave me a lot more than just a firm handshake and a copy of their appointment letter. I'm sure I'm coming down with some kind of flu-type nastiness. Personally I blame the woman who wished me Happy Christmas as she walked out of the door.

But the good news is that I saw my urology consultant this morning, and after six months under his care, he's decided that I'm cured and is planning to discharge me. On the downside, he wants me to continue taking Tamsulosin every day for the rest of my life. Which seemed a bit excessive until he told me I've only got six months to live.

Just kidding. He actually informed me that I definitely (his word, not mine, and he should know - he's taken six months to come to this conclusion) have Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis, and the only thing likely to stop it flaring up repeatedly until I'm well into my nineties, is for me to take an alpha blocker a day for the next half a century. I agreed, whilst mentally trying to work out how much that's going to cost me in prescription charges.

But having struggled through the day with a headache, I was buoyed by the arrival of Big Sis at 6:45pm. And her departure half an hour later. She's been left to her own Devizes in Wiltshire for the past couple of months, but she paid a flying visit to Brighton this evening to accompany Lisa to a Nolans concert. I know, I can't believe there are two people who want to go either. But there are. And they're both related to me. I don't know what I've done to deserve this.

So Sis breezed in forty-five minutes late, asked if she could borrow some hair straighteners, forced me to carry a microwave to her car, then gave me her American Express card and told me to order a wedding present online for two of her friends. Having browsed the John Lewis gift list, I eventually went with a paper shredder for £43.50. It'll come in useful if they ever get divorced.

That done, Bis Sis asked Lisa how they were getting to the Brighton Centre. I'm not saying she was appalled by the answer, but her expression was the main reason I asked to take the photo above. She was obviously expecting a limo. And frankly, with the amount of money the Nolans charged me for tickets, so was I. At the very least, they should get a lift home from Coleen.


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