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Friday, October 16, 2009

There are definite perks to working for the NHS. This sign has gone up outside the pub down the road from me...

Personally I'm more of an eater than a drinker, so I'd prefer a happy hour at Pizza Hut, but I took the photo for Amelie. She loves that meerkat commercial. It's the only thing capable of stopping her in her tracks when she's climbing over the back of the sofa. Frankly I'm surprised her first word wasn't 'Simples'.

And on the subject of Amelie's feral behaviour, she's become very crafty in the past twenty-four hours. Her current goal in life is to get herself onto the sofa so that she can climb over the back and grab the phone, the pens, the calculator, and basically anything she can reach from the table. Unfortunately, despite being the tallest one-year-old in Britain, she can't make it onto the sofa without assistance. So she's started resorting to trickery.

She'll now make her way over to her toybox, pick up her favourite 'Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes' book, and bring it over to me on the sofa, where she holds it up, puts on her most angelic expression, and politely asks me to read it to her (in a non-verbal kind of a way). Which is all very sweet. Unfortunately, the moment I pick her up, open the book and start singing, she dives off my knee and is halfway up the back of the sofa, legs dangling, playing cat and mouse with Chloe and my computer equipment, all before I've reached the first chorus of "knees and toes". Frankly she's more of a fibber than Lisa.

But subterfuge aside, I've been buoyed by a message we received yesterday evening from Lisa's sister, asking if we have any objections to Nephew Number Three (he's the loopy one) putting a photo of me, Lisa and Amelie up on the wall of his nursery school. Apparently they're doing some kind of display of 'important people'. Personally I was chuffed to bits. Until I found out that he really only wanted a photo of Amelie. Lisa and I just happen to be in the background.

But in other news, I've been visiting the website of the Illinois Virtual School this afternoon. No, really. It's an educational establishment in Peoria County "where students in grades 5-12 are provided with online courses taught by federally designated, highly-qualified teachers". And they're currently linking to my micro fiction. Which might explain why I've just received this e-mail from a confused American child:

"In My Daughter and I was the narrator supposed to be the mother or the father humself?"

Obviously answering that question would effectively be helping a student to cheat with his homework. So I think I'll just send it back with the spelling corrected.