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Friday, October 30, 2009

I think they had a good time...

Nolan Sisters-in-Law.
Apparently Ben Elton and Shane Richie were in the audience, so there were at least four of them there. Which I think is an improvement on the last time Sis saw the Nolans. Lisa described it to me as “a bit like a Chippendales show”. And frankly she should know.

On the downside, Sis expressed her slight disappointment that the Nolans barely sang any Nolans songs, but as I pointed out to her, they’ve only really got the one, and they have to save that for the encore. The rest of the show was apparently “like a karaoke night”. Albeit one which cost forty quid a ticket. But from the sound of it, Coleen’s ‘I Will Survive’ is second only to Gloria Gaynor’s.

The support act for the evening were Coleen Nolan’s two sons, who I think are a bit like John & Edward from the X Factor. Unfortunately Big Sis and Lisa missed most of their set after they decided to head off for ice cream instead. Apparently Shane & Jake can’t compete with Ben & Jerry.

The gruesome twosome arrived back here at 11pm clutching an eight quid programme and a bag which says "I'm in the mood for shopping". Frankly it looked like they’d been out trick or treating. Having shared with me her thoughts on bus travel (she thinks Egyptian taxis are safer), Sis then forced me to pose for another photo...

Family Act
I don’t know who looks madder – Big Sis, or me for being up at eleven-thirty on a work night.