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Friday, October 23, 2009

First I spent time with Germans. Then I washed the hair of Hitler. Now I've met someone who's dressed as a Nazi and machine-gunned Robert Mitchum. Thank God it's Friday. If this carries on for much longer, I'll be appearing on Question Time.

Anyhoo, I love the conversations I have with my patients. I ask them about their diabetic control and blood pressure, and they tell me that they've appeared as an extra in The Longest Day with John Wayne and Henry Fonda. I'm probably breaching patient confidentiality by telling you this, but the Nazi with the machine gun who mows them down at the top of the hill in Normandy is now a diabetic living somewhere in Sussex. I've got a photo of the man, but you probably wouldn't recognise him from his retinas.

Pete FirmanMovie magic aside, Lisa and I have performed our own vanishing act this afternoon. We've made Amelie disappear. We've successfully packed her off to her grandparents' for a couple of days to enable us to attend the wedding of our good friend (and cat-fattener) Lorraine tomorrow. So in an effort to make the most of some precious child-free time, we're clambering straight over the living room wreckage that Amelie's left behind, and heading out of the front door tonight to see master magician, Pete Firman. He's playing the Pavilion Theatre in Brighton this evening. It's almost a year and a half since Lisa and Amelie appeared onstage there, so it'll be nice to go back.