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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amelie's back, and she's been reunited with her teddy bear...

She wasn't that keen on it when she left, but after three days in St Leonards with a moth-eaten old horse, she's seeing that bear in a whole new light.

On the downside, her attempts to ride it across the living room floor like a Shetland Pony have met with only limited success...

I'm sure she'll have better luck with Chloe.

As for me, I had a slightly better day at work today. I spent the morning alone in a room with a young nurse who introduced herself, shook my hand, and said "Please do anything you want with me". So I showed her how to screen diabetics for retinopathy.

She was actually a practice nurse from one of the local surgeries, and having spent the past year sending patients to us for screening, she decided she ought to sit in on a clinic and find out what we do with them. So she was given to me for the morning. She was like Barbara Windsor to my Jim Dale. Although the only lovely pairs on display were eyes. It was all very enjoyable though. And as a bonus, I got to drink tea and gossip about Lisa's doctor with someone else who's always thought she was a bit odd. It doesn't get any better than that.