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Monday, January 18, 2010

I have to say, the one thing I can do without at 8:15 on a Monday morning when I'm on the way to a far-flung clinic, is a sign saying 'Road Closed'. Unfortunately that's what I got today. I was heading to Haywards Heath for an all-day screen-fest, and the route I usually take is the one over Ditchling Beacon. It's the best way of avoiding traffic. Particularly when the road's completely shut. Apparently the snow turned it into a bobsleigh run, and they still haven't reopened it to traffic. Although it's probably passable with huskies.

So after looking at my watch and experiencing a moment of panic, I ditched the beacon and headed for the A23. Straight into a major traffic jam. Well, I say major. It seemed quite big at the time, but that was before I got to the outskirts of Haywards Heath and experienced the one they had there.

On the plus side, the good thing about sitting in your car and not moving, is that it gives you plenty of time to phone the office and ask them to let the clinic know you'll be late. I eventually arrived 35 minutes later than planned, and five minutes after my first patient. I wouldn't mind, but the consulting room I was using is the one with the two-way mirror, so it's hard to sneak in late without anyone noticing.

It wasn't all bad though. The journey might have been a 'mare, but I bought a horse at lunchtime. I went into the nearest charity shop at 1pm and found an old wooden rocking horse for four quid. So after my Mum's comment yesterday, I felt I had to buy it for Amelie. To be honest, it's seen better days, and is closer to the knacker's yard than the stud farm. It also doesn't have a tail. But I bet it could tell a few. It's actually a beautifully crafted bit of childhood memorabilia. At least that's what I'll be telling the Antiques Roadshow when it comes to Brighton.

On the down side, we don't have room for it in the flat, so it might have to live in the boot of my car, but when I've hosed the thing down and treated it for mange, it's going to be gorgeous.