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Sunday, January 17, 2010

I took this photo yesterday afternoon as I was walking down to Asda with Amelie...

Horsing About at Brighton Marina
It's just a typical everyday scene of urban normality, featuring a bus, some cars, a multi-storey car park, the back of a cinema and a bit of grafitti.

Oh, and a horse heading for Brighton Marina.

I think sugar lumps are buy-one-get-one-free at Asda.

He actually belongs to the little tinkers who have set up a caravan park at Black Rock over the festive period. When I walked down to the marina for my work's Christmas meal on December 4th, he was tied to a lamp post on Duke's Mound, along with another horse. But every time I've walked past since, he's been alone on the grass. So it's obvious what the gypsies ate for Christmas dinner.

When Am and I ambled past yesterday however, he was taking a leaf out of his owners' book and doing some new-age travelling of his own. Straight towards Pizza Hut. You can't blame him really. For eight weeks he's been forced to graze on bushes next to the gay cruising capital of Brighton. He's probably off to buy some blinkers.


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