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Saturday, January 09, 2010

It's surprising how little time you have for blogging when you're busy helping the old and infirm to survive the winter. And I'm not talking about Lisa. Although I did trudge down to the Co-op on Thursday night to buy her some chocolate.

Having finished work yesterday afternoon, and returned home with no intention of going out again, I looked at the weather forecast and decided that maybe this was as good as it was going to get, and we should head down to Asda before the next ice age strikes. Although judging by the icicle outside our living room window, it already has...

Ice, Ice, Baby
I'm planning to use it to stab someone. It's the perfect murder weapon - you can commit the crime and then let the evidence melt.

But anyhoo, Amelie is currently snowed in at St Leonards, and at this rate we won't get her back until February, but at least it gave Lisa a chance to join me on a shopping trip without fear of any tantrums at the checkout. Apart from the one I throw when I see how much money she's spent. So we phoned Lisa's Mum to get a shopping list from her too. She asked for some frozen food. I told her it would all be like that by the time we got it up the hill.

And I wasn't far wrong. I hadn't used my car since Tuesday, and it was so covered in frozen snow that I could have done with a hammer, a chisel and a blowtorch just to get it into a drivable state. The roads were worse than I expected too. But we got to Asda safely. Just as the first blizzard of the weekend started.

Fortunately we had a smashing time at Asda. Quite literally. Lisa dropped a jar of baby food in the toiletries aisle. It gave a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Supermarket Sweep'. Although we didn't hang around to watch them clear it up.

Anyhoo, our journey up the steep hill to deliver food to Lisa's Mum was one of the more nail-biting things I've done in recent weeks. The road's a bus route, but no buses have been up there since Tuesday, and it hadn't even been gritted. We eventually had to abandon the car at the top of her cul-de-sac, and walk the rest of the way there. By the time we got to her flat, the bananas were like ice lollies and you could have used the lentil soup as a doorstop. I spent the whole trip thinking we were mad to be doing it, but we've had even more snow overnight, so I'm pretty glad we did.


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