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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So like I say, today's weather forecast for Sussex was "heavy rain".

So here's my view from the window of Consulting Room 5 in the Outpatients Department of Crowborough Hospital at 10am this morning...

This was the scene an hour later...

And by lunchtime it looked like this...

So they got the 'heavy' bit right. I spent most of the day looking at the examination couch in the corner of the room, and wondering if I'd be spending the night there.

I'm obviously some kind of wimp though, because most of my patients still turned up. I had a steady stream of diabetics in their eighties trudging in and telling me it wasn't that bad out there. Mind you, most of them live on farms or in stately homes, so either they got a lift in a tractor, or they had their butler dig the Rolls out of the snow for them.

Bizarrely however, the bad weather seemed to be restricted to Crowborough and virtually nowhere else. Having swept three inches of snow off my car at the end of the day, and edged gingerly out of the hospital car park, I drove two miles down the road and saw nothing but green fields and rain for the rest of the way home. Either I've got my own personal storm cloud, or God's got it in for Crowborough.