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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The good thing about spending ten hours heaving the mother-in-law's furniture halfway across Brighton, is that it gives you the chance to meet diabetics. I'd only known Lisa's cousin for about half an hour this morning, when he looked at me from the other side of a heavy wardrobe and asked what I do for a living. He'd obviously worked out from the way I was holding the thing that I don't do removals. So I told him I'm a retinal screener. At which point he informed me that he has diabetes. I naturally asked him when he last went for retinopathy screening, and he replied that he's never turned up for an appointment.

I was going to point out the foolishness of his actions, but by the time I'd put down the wardrobe and gathered my thoughts, he'd gone to ask Lisa's Mum for a Kit-Kat.

I'll be adding that to his patient records in the morning.


Phil's Mum said...

Of course, if you'd been doing a clinic, you could have met a few more diabetics today and it might not have been quite so physically exhausting, but lets hope you have had such a good effect on Lisa's cousin that he won't miss any more retinopathy appointments.  I'm sure he'll be just dying to have you looking into his eyes!

Dave said...

I'm not diabetic.  It's about the only thing that's not wrong with me.

Phil's Mum said...

Did you say that longingly, Dave, as if you too wanted Phil looking into your eyes?

Dave said...

I'm sure he must have some female colleagues who long to look deep into my eyes.