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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

There are definite advantages to moving house. Out of the blue, one of my neighbours has just started learning the saxophone. I've been sitting here for the past hour and a half, listening to 'Summertime' being played over and over again at a pace so slow it could make a glacier jealous. Frankly I'm praying for autumn.

But I'm not sure our new neighbours will be much better...

Fire, my arsonist.
When Lisa, Amelie and I popped up to the new flat last night to bounce around on the carpet, we found the neighbouring road closed, and the whole area crawling with police and fire crews. For a moment I thought the bloke from Carpetright had dropped a fag on his way out, but as it transpires, we're simply moving in next door to an arsonist. I expect the moment he's released from police custody, he'll be inviting us round for a barbecue.


BS6 said...

Ah yes, Autumn Leaves... with that long extended sax solo (used to be a trumpet solo but hey, in half time they can do that no problem). Nat King Cole where are you now.

Dave said...

'1740 BST'.  Who describes the time like that?  One suspects your reporter has just copied a police handout.