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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Well, it's almost time. Eleven days ago, England met the USA at Rustenburg. Five days ago, England met Algeria in Cape Town. And tonight England meet France at the airport.

But before that, we've got an important match against Slovenia. All over the country, businesses are being urged to accept the inevitable and let their employees watch the game live. And frankly I'm livid about it. These fixtures were announced months ago, complete with kick-off times, making it quite obvious that England's third group match would start at 3pm. So I booked today off work in April.

Admittedly, people thought I was a bit stupid at the time. After all, if England had beaten the USA and Algeria, today's match would be meaningless, and I'd look a fool for using up my annual leave just to watch it. But I knew we'd be rubbish. We always are in the first two games. The chances of us beating a team of Africans with eleven multi-millionaires were always going to be slim. Unlike Wayne Rooney.

So if I can have the foresight to take time off work two months in advance for a crucial World Cup crunch match, so can everyone else. Anyone who hasn't, deserves to miss it. Frankly if I had my own business, I'd take the Somali approach.


Dave said...

We won by 4 wickets. That's the Aussies beaten in all 3 versions of the game this year.

Phil's Mum said...

Amelie and I went to the beach for the England match and STILL heard the commentary booming out from all the local pubs.  You've GOT to cheer for England on these important occasions - or so Amelie told me.