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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I was lighting the gas fire in the caravan this morning for a bit of post-hurricane defrosting, when Amelie said to me “Which dogs like lying in front of the fire?”. I began explaining to her that most dogs like warmth and security, and that they’re essentially pack animals with an inbuilt, centuries-old instinct to gather around a campfire with their family. At which point she shouted “Hotdogs!”. I thought she was thirsting for knowledge; in reality she was just telling me a joke.

So on that subject, what do you get if you cross Lisa’s birthday vouchers with her summer holiday?

Tower of Strength
I’m not saying she took a long time to choose those clothes, but some of us had time for a nap...

Next Stop
To be fair to Lisa though, I gave her those Next vouchers so that she could treat herself to a new outfit after eight weeks of housebondage, but having spent half an hour going wild in the aisles and crazy in the changing rooms, she eventually emerged with three dresses for Amelie and a Peppa Pig umbrella...

Ella, Ella, Ella
That photo’s for illustrative purposes only. In reality, we refused to let Amelie hold it for more than five seconds, for fear that she’d end up doing an involuntary Mary Poppins impression. She’s currently only allowed to open it indoors. Which might be unlucky, but as not as unlucky as watching her paragliding towards the Isle of Man on a force nine gale.

Anyhoo, as is probably obvious, yesterday was spent pottering around Blackpool, doing a bit of shopping and dodging the showers, whilst wishing we’d packed more jumpers. The road signs of Blackpool appear to be designed to direct visitors away from the main car parks and towards the nearest speed cameras. We’re only two miles from the town centre, and I think we passed eight. But having driven around in circles for half an hour, and seen the seedier side of town (including a shop called ‘Skirts 4 Flirts’), we eventually found the indoor shopping centre. Where we discovered the same toddler ride they have at the Brighton branch of Asda...

It was like a home from home. Only colder. And with more pound shops.

We returned to the caravan park through a massive downpour, which not only gave my car a much needed wash, but also produced this view from our front steps...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
I thought I could see a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, but it turned out to be another speed camera.


Phil's Mum said...

Wasn't there a swimming costume in that Next bag?

Dave said...

Are you on holiday?  Have you sent me a postcard?

I was on a ferry in the Orkneys in the teeth of the hurricane, on Monday.

Anonymous said...

When my children were small, I did that too - went shopping for myself and came home with clothes for them.  I mostly wore my mother's cast-offs. It was good when Eloise reached her teens, then she gave me her cast-offs.  Lisa has that to look forward to.

Phil's Mum said...

And I meant to say that's another good joke that Am has added to her collection!