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Friday, September 09, 2011

When I got home from work yesterday, Amelie ran down the hallway to meet me, threw her arms around me and told me she loved me, before instantly ruining it by adding that she loves Mummy and Chloe lots. She then dragged me into the living room, where she told me to sit on the floor and help her with an iPad game. She was stuck on level 23 of Puzzle Escape. Which is two levels further than I've got.

Having settled ourselves on the carpet and started taming the beer-bellied bear (which isn't a euphemism), Amelie then turned to me with a serious look on her face, and said this:

"When I'm older, I want to be a Daddy, and go to work and come home again."

That's what I call dreaming the impossible dream. In twenty years time, sex changes might be commonplace, but there won't be any jobs around.


Phil's Mum said...

I wonder why she thinks being a Daddy is better than being a Mummy - because Daddy doesn't have to put up with her all day?!

Peter Chapman said...

You should phone up Cher for some advice.

'old' friend said...

At least she has her sights set on finding a job!!!