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Thursday, September 01, 2011

When your wife's lost her teeth in an accident, and you've just lost your daughter in Asda, what you really need to cheer you up is a visit from the sweet tooth fairy. And sure enough, in a surprising change of fortune, we were lucky enough to receive a parcel from the angels at Concrete Cow Confectionery yesterday. As well as sweets for Lisa to get her new teeth into, it contained gingerbread men for Amelie and some peanut butter fudge for me. They're probably hoping I've got a nut allergy.

So a big thank you to CCC for ruining my diet yet again. Having stuffed myself at The Well last week, I've only got a week and a half to lose weight before our next holiday. I'm never going to fit into a bikini at this rate. We'd intended to space out our holidays a little better than this, but our break in Wiltshire was postponed by a month for dental reasons, and our September summer holiday was already booked, so I feel like I'm going away more than Judith Chalmers.

I was chatting to a patient today who's seven months pregnant and has a two-and-a-half-year-old son. She told me they're flying to Hawaii this month, which is worrying. Not for her, but for me. I can't even take Amelie upstairs at Asda without feeling stressed, so how other parents cope for twelve hours at thirty thousand feet, I've no idea.

Needless to say, we're not going on a plane. We've actually booked a week in Blackpool. Tomorrow they turn on the illuminations, but today's the day that Blackpool Tower finally reopened to the public after a ten-month restoration programme costing twenty million pounds. So it appears that we've timed our trip to perfection. In reality, we didn't even know it was closed.

It's worked out pretty well though. As of today, they have a skywalk at the top of the tower with a glass floor and walls, plus a 4D cinema (whatever that is) and a dungeon for Amelie. It's all part of a drive to encourage families back to the town. As a spokesman said at the reopening this morning, "It is a huge moment for Blackpool". They'll be saying the same when we arrive on the twelfth.


Phil's Mum said...

There was me thinking they'd done all that because they heard you were coming.

jon the bassist said...

I believe that 4D is when they have someone concealed within your chair, who feels you every now and then. 

Phil's Mum said...

And the top of the Blackpool Tower is considerably higher than the upstairs at Asda!  So don't look down!  Even the TV reporter kept her back to the view.