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Saturday, September 24, 2011

It's Amelie with the world's most valuable milkshake!

Shaken, not stirred.
It's so expensive, you have to drink it within sight of a bank. There's an armed guard just out of shot, handcuffed to the bottom of the cup.

To the uneducated and ill-informed, the idea of spending £5.15 on a large milkshake with caramel shortcake, Rolos, whipped cream and extra ice cream might seem like an extravagant waste of money, but fortunately it contains enough calories to feed a family of four for a week. Or in our case, a family of three for an hour. And having tasted it, it was money well spent. So I have no regrets. And besides, my Dad gave me twenty quid today to buy Amelie a new pair of shoes, so frankly there's another three where that came from.

We'll be burning it all off this evening anyway. We're about to head out to a barn dance at my parents' church. Amelie's putting on her dancing shoes as we speak. Or she would be if we hadn't spent the money on a milkshake.


Z said...

Thirty years ago, there used to be an ice-cream bar in the basement of Hamleys.  We used to take our children there and get an elaborate ice-cream sundae for each of them and eat their leftovers, rather than have lunch when we visited London.  I suppose we could have afforded to share one between us ourselves, but it seemed an extravagance too far.

Dave said...

How the non-diabetic half of the population live, eh?

jon the bassist said...

Jack Rabbits Slims place?