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Thursday, October 20, 2011

I must admit, yesterday's blog post wasn't the one I intended to publish. I actually wrote a couple of extra paragraphs about my own motivations to quit between 8:30am and 1pm yesterday morning, but having shown it to Lisa, she felt that rather than offering me "support and information", they'd be more likely to sack me without any pension. So I filed it under 'Things to Publish After I Win the Lottery', and left it at that.

The Killing RoomBut in the meantime, I've discovered the perfect date movie. And I don't mean 'Friday the 13th'. Lisa and I attempted another romantic evening of love this week, so I suggested we snuggle up on the sofa and watch The Killing Room. Wikipedia gives the plot away within three sentences, so I wouldn't click on that link, but suffice it to say it's a charming everyday tale of four people being murdered in a box. I bought the DVD for three quid in Asda, mainly because it stars the bloke who presents 'America's Got Talent', and I thought I'd enjoy seeing him slaughtered.

As it transpired, it was a very good film. Frankly, Nick Cannon needs to fire himself from the talent show and do more of this acting lark. He and Timothy Hutton were outstanding, the concept was engaging, the plot riveting, and the whole experience was worth £3 of anyone's money. Well, anyone but Lisa. She lost interest shortly after the opening credits, and spent the evening playing 'Puppy Sanctuary' on the laptop. To be honest, it's a miracle we're still married.


Phil's Mum said...

Its bad enough that Lisa's taking over Amelie's favourite game, but to play it on your romantic date is quite inexcusable - though suggesting a film called 'The Killing Room'  is also inexcusable.  Why don't you just sit in separate rooms, watching separate televisions, like we do?  It seems to have worked for 50 years!

Dave said...

I couldn't think of any comment to make yesterday, and I seem to be having the same trouble today.

Phil's Mum said...

I suppose if you go 2 days without saying anything, everybody will think you've died.

'old' friend said...

So THAT's how you've managed it Phil's Mum!! ;)