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Sunday, October 16, 2011

When a stroke strikes, you have to act FAST...

Stroke FAST
I saw Amelie's Face turn to a smile, her Arm go up, and the start of a short Speech about how much she loves cats, and I knew it was Time to grab my camera before she got clawed in the face.

Lisa's sister and her family have gone to Wales for the weekend. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think it's some kind of mobile counselling service for depressed rugby fans. So as experienced animal handlers (Amelie can pick up anything smaller than a hippo), we've kindly agreed to feed their cats. The one above is Basil, a sage old cat that Amelie has a lot of thyme for. He's the replacement for Pie, who got a little run down in March.

So like a feline meals-on-wheels service, we drove over to Portslade (or West Hove as Lisa's sister likes to call it) yesterday lunchtime to save a couple of cats from starvation. It's the first time that Amelie's met Basil, but she's an old friend of Tiger. This is what they looked like in June 2010, and here they are yesterday...

Tiger Hunting
They've both grown up so much. Amelie's a lot bigger, and Tiger's a great deal wiser. He kept at least a metre away from her at all times.

Anyhoo, our first attempt at cat-feeding went pretty well. Admittedly, most of the food was eaten by Basil, while Amelie was busy chasing Tiger up the stairs, but the way I look at it, if one of them survives the weekend, we've done a good job. I did ask Lisa if we should empty their litter trays while we were there, but she assured me that we hadn't been asked to do so, and that she's not going within three feet of cat poo without an industrial hazard suit and a face mask. And I didn't know where they kept those. So I hope they've got an air freshener when they get home.


Phil's Mum said...

Are you on your way to do it again today?

Phil said...

Yup. Fingers crossed they made it through the night.

A Passer-by said...

Just got the "stroke" bit at the beginning.   You're too clever, and I'm too slow!!