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Monday, January 10, 2011

I knew it was a good idea to write a blog post praising Google yesterday. Within hours of me hitting 'Publish', Google updated their listings, and I was snowed under with ice skating fans. As of last night, if you go to Google Image Search and enter the words 'Robin Cousins', you'll see a photo of me ranked 4th out of 800,000.

Obviously it's not just me. It's a picture of Robin Cousins too. But I like to think I draw the eye more than he does. And I fill up more of the frame.

Despite being highly ranked, I must admit I was puzzled at first as to why 73 people in four hours would choose to click on my photo, rather than some of the more professional shots on offer. Let's face it, mine was taken by Lisa. Or the Digital Decapitator, as I like to call her. Frankly she couldn't get a decent headshot if she was on the sixth floor of the Texas Book Depository. But I digress...

It seemed odd that faced with an array of decent photos, people were clicking on mine. Until I thought about it for five seconds. Based on the evidence of my own blog post yesterday, most internet searches are basically just attempts to find out something pointless and frivolous. Wikipedia would go out of business without Lisa looking up celebrities to see if they're married and when they last had an affair. So let's be honest, 90% of people searching for Robin Cousins just want to know if he's gay or not.

Which explains why they click on the photo of him with his arm around a shaven-headed young man in a tank-top. I'm being mistaken for Robin Cousins' boyfriend.


Dave said...

Living in Brighton isn't helping your reputation either.