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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Any worries we might have had about the kittens settling into their new homes were dispelled within two hours of them leaving. Stefan & Andrew sent us this photo of their new arrivals last night, taken about ninety minutes after they got home...

It's possible they've been chloroformed just for the photo, but personally I think it's the leopard-print throw which is putting them at ease. They clearly think the sofa's a giant cat.

Surprisingly, Shimmy's just as happy as they are. We were expecting her to spend the rest of the weekend searching the flat for her missing kittens, but she hasn't looked for them at all. She's like David Cameron in a pub. From day one, she seems to have instinctively known what to do, and has coped with her kittens like a pro. Albeit a pro who likes to eat the kids' food whenever possible. So now they're gone, she's just accepted it as the next step, and is happily resting and relaxing with no upset. I'll be reminding Lisa of that when Amelie leaves home to go back-packing across Iran for six months.

So with the cats' lives sorted, I can put my feet up and enjoy a relaxing Father's Day with my beautiful daughter...

Not everyone can pull off the tiara & swimming goggles combination, but I think she's managed it with style.


Phil's Mum said...

As long as you don't expect Lisa to be happy to send the baby off somewhere else after 8 weeks!