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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Amelie and I were watching Milkshake on Channel 5 at seven o'clock this morning, which was not how I planned to start my weekend, when they mentioned their 'Pet of the Day' feature. Within seconds, I'd been ordered to fetch my camera, and Am was grabbing the nearest cat...

Shimmy's currently on heat, and needs to be neutered as a matter of urgency, so I think she took it as some kind of mating attempt. I won't be mentioning that when I send the photo to Channel 5.

If you look closely at that picture, you might notice that in addition to her normal everyday attire of stripy socks and pearl-studded tiara, Amelie's wearing an attractive paper bracelet which makes her look like an escapee from a mental ward. It was made for her yesterday by her six-year-old cousin, who is emerging as one of Brighton's leading purveyors of bespoke ladies' accessories. Primarily those involving sellotape and the extensive use of biros.

Obviously high-fashion isn't really built to last, especially when you wear it around your bicep, and sure enough, by mid-morning it was broken. But fortunately I've saved it as a family memento, and scanned it for posterity. I think it gives an interesting insight into their relationship. It's like the Rosetta Stone. Only harder to decipher. But I'm willing to give it a go...

Loved... up... boy... [would like to meet] fiery... cat-owner... with a sunny disposition... for highs and lows... on a rainy day.

I think I'll give her a lift over to his place.


Phil's Mum said...

I'm not sure you should encourage that sort of relationship between 1st cousins!

Phil said...

I know. We need to steer clear of that side of the family.